Five Interesting Facts About Rhode Island Red Chickens



Raising chickens is not just something for large farmers and corporate food operations anymore. These days, either to be more environmentally friendly or to be more self sufficient, many people are starting backyard flocks of chickens of their own. Raising chickens can be very beneficial in a number of ways. One of the most popular types of birds for this kind of operation is the famous Rhode Island Red Chicken.

Here are some interesting facts about this popular and well respected bird.

How Many Monuments Is Too Many?
There are two monuments commemorating the significance of the Rhode Island Red breed of chicken that are located very near to each other. Both are found in the state that shares it's name with this breed of chicken. One is found in the city of Adamsville, where the breed was first developed, and the other is located just two miles out of town and honors the breeds importance to farmers.

Red's Ancestors
The main three chicken breeds used in the development of the breed were Malays, Cochins, and Brown Leghorns. Other chickens were included in the breeding process, but to a lesser degree.

The Ultimate Multi-Tasking Bird
The Rhode Island Red Chicken may be the best multi-tasking bird ever as it is raised just as often for meat production as it is for its egg laying ability. This is also one of the reasons, along with their temperament, that they are so popular in backyard flocks.

That's One Old Bird
The breed was originally developed in the late 1880s. It quickly spread across America and was soon the most popular breed in the entire country.

It's All In The Name
While most often an honor saved for either a majestic or physically beautiful wild bird, the Rhode Island Red Chicken is actually the state bird of Rhode Island. It was given this honor by the state government during the early 1950s.

Rhode Island Red Chickens [] are one of the more popular breeds for those looking into raising chickens [] for a reason. They produce well in terms of both meat and eggs, and they are very friendly too. Raising these birds is a true joy and can be a great experience for any family.

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