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People who keep poultry like chickens and have to many fresh hatching eggs may like to sell to local people or post the hatching eggs to the buyers. Here on Poultry.bid you can find rare breed hatching eggs for sale like the Silver Maran, Cuckoo Maran, Barnevelder, Transylvanian Naked Neck, Light Sussex, Orpington and Salmon Faverolle what hatching eggs would you like to sell. Search for Hatching eggs for sale on the Nearest showing the distance the sellers are and get driving directions, enjoy collecting the hatching eggs from the sellers if possible or they may post the hatching eggs to you.  

Cream legbar

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6 cream legbar chicken hatching eggs for sale from show quality hens. Unrelated cockerel running with 5 hens. Birds are sourced from top legbar breeders. Beautiful marking and right colours as it shou
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6 Transylvanian Naked Neck hatching chicken eggs for sale. We have 8 Naked Neck chickens hens running with 2 unrelated Transylvanian Naked Neck cockerels. These are a rare breed of chicken and lay la
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Brahma hatching chicken eggs for sale, box of six for £5 + postage. We have 12 chickens Brahma hens running with 3 unrelated Brahma cockerels These are a rare breed of chicken and lay large light ch
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